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I always tell my children that tomorrow is a new day.  A day to start over, wake up fresh, begin anew. We can leave the woes of the day before behind and begin with a fresh slate.  A slate in which you can write your new choices, your new actions, and your new achievements down during the day ahead. Its okay to make mistakes, not have a good day, or even make some wrong choices.  It’s okay because tomorrow is a always new day.

But what if you wake up every morning to a groundhog day (my least favorite movie on the planet) existence?  What if you dread the day ahead? What if every single morning you wake up with a pit in the bottom of your stomach?  A mean, heavy bumpy pit that just sits there, trying to make itself a permanent fixture in your body.

Well, these were my mornings.  My eyes would pop open, and fear and unknowing would set in.  Would we get to school today? Would the crying be less or more than the day before?  How is the weather going to affect the clothing choices today? Did I wash the favorite t-shirt?  How on earth do I do the hair today without tears? And above all else, will I be able to keep it together this morning and will my patience persist?

As I sit here, watching the sunrise (right?  Who is up this early?), I realize that my life is very different from those dreaded mornings.  It’s different because we sought out solutions, not a diagnosis, not a declaration that yes, your daughter does have Sensory Processing Disorder.  I don’t know if that would have helped. We were told that she would grow out of it, or that her symptoms were not that severe. But, these people did not live in my world.  They didn’t the defeat, they didn’t witness the tears falling daily down a tiny girls face everyday without fail. A girl who was too little to voice her struggles, to let us in, and a girl who was the happiest most dynamic kid I have ever known.

We had to get her back to happy.  We had to figure her out. I wasn’t going to let something as silly as clothing stand in my way.  We had to find solutions and find them fast because no diagnosis was going to be able to do that. You know who does that?  Moms, that’s who! Moms search high and low for the best remedies, the best products, the best advice, and gosh darn it that was what I was going to do.  This is not a one size fits all dilemma. Children with Sensory Processing Disorder are incomparable to one another.  What works for some will not work for others.

This is my story of that struggle.  Two years later, it is still a struggle mornings, noon, and night.  However, our struggle has subsided a bit because we found solutions that worked, that made our daily life easier, and ones that let me breath a bit easier.  We had to develop and create our own underwear line for our daughter! The story of how My Pipers came to be will be shared here. I am here to share helpful resources, and tips and tricks, and anything else that falls in front of me on this messy path of life ahead.  I have bought too many products to count, and I will let you know what worked with our sensitive child and what didn’t, along with a few surprise tactics along the way. You may disagree with me, and have a few tricks of your own, but please know that this is a positive vibe space only.  A place to help children like Piper, and our son Tobin too.

Welcome to our world.  A world we created. A world where children are free to be themselves, free to wear what they want to wear, and where sensitive kiddos have a voice.  A voice that speaks to me loud and clear, and it is an honor to be a voice for these children. Thank you for allowing me to share on this space, and for giving me permission to be myself.  It begins today.

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