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Welcome to My Pipers

My Pipers are a labor of love.  What began as a way to help our daughter with sensory issues quickly grew into an effort to create boxer shorts for ALL girls.  They didn't exist and our family needed them desperately.  Girls should have boxer shorts too and we have made it our mission to make this possible.  We removed the front open fly, we custom tailored them to be shorter and fit better under skirts and dresses since the boys boxers would peek out under.  We made them uniquely our own by asking our son and daughter to draw all of the patterns and designs.  My Pipers are made from the softest organic cotton, are built to last and grow with your kiddos, and give your children the freedom to express themselves.  As we traveled further into our journey, we found that boys love and wear My Pipers too!  Wear them as underwear, overwear, sleepwear, playwear, beachwear, loungewear, kids wear them EVERYWHERE!

My Pipers: Boxer Shorts reimagined and redesigned for GIRLS  .  .  . and boys!

*patent pending

My Pipers

The Boxer Short, Reimagined


Why didn't I think of that?!  My Pipers boxer shorts are genius!  The shorter length and no front opening are perfect for my girls, especially under their dresses for more coverage.  Did I mention genius?!


My Piper's are a lifesaver for my daughter and I!  Finally a way to have some modesty without a fight about uncomfortable tights, leggings, or bike shorts!  Our mornings just got so much easier.  

Noah B.

Keira loves My Pipers...her favorite are the pink and then black...she loves wearing them under dresses, I used to have her wear leggings but now she grabs My Pipers first.  She sleeps and plays in them too.  

Olivia M.

Both of my daughters love My Pipers!  They're wearing them constantly, whether it's to bed, under their dresses, or just as shorts.  The fabric is so soft and I love that the cotton is organic.

Krishni A.

We love My Pipers! I am so glad that myself and both of my boys really love them, because Blythe is a close friend and I don't know what I would tell her if we didn't love them!!!

Krisztina P.