Boxer Shorts for GIRLS, finally!

My Pipers: Sensitive stories about Sensory Processing Disorder & More!

Underwear for Everyone!

Underwear for Everyone!
A little over two years ago, underwear was not for everyone.  Well, boxer shorts weren’t for everyone. They were only for boys.  It was a boys onl...

International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day 2019!  Today, I honor Amelia Bloomer because without her, well, women still may not be allowed to wear pants.  Crazy!  I know.  Read on to learn about this incredible woman, and women's rights advocate, and the woman I owe our business to because without her the world may not even yet have My Pipers!  Boxer short for Girls!  The evolution of female underwear has come along way and you can read more about it here.


  Sand School is out.  Summer is here. We live in California where summer is hot and we all head to the water or beach for some relief.  Most sout...

Socks Suck

We are so lucky to live in sunny, southern California.  Like beyond lucky. Luckier than lucky. So lucky that my children can walk around barefoot ...