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Meet the Team behind My Pipers: 

Piper Williams: COI (Chief Original Inventor)
Piper Williams invented My Pipers at only 4 1/2 years old, in 2016.  Piper's creativity has enabled us to bring My Pipers into the world to help other children.  We are forever grateful for her out of the box thinking and her ability to stay true to herself every day.  She designed our Butterflies, Hearts, & "FREE TO BE ME" boxer shorts.
Tobin Williams: CDD (Chief Drawing Designer)
Tobin Williams is 11 years old.  He loves Legos, gaming, reading, building, sports, and drawing.  He is our lead drawing artist and has designed 2 (Bicycle & Unicorn) My Pipers thus far.  A true dreamer and doer, he has worked tirelessly to help take My Pipers from a desperate need, to a concept, to a true reality.  We are incredibly lucky to have him and his endless ideas.
Blythe Williams: CFF (Chief Female Founder)
Blythe led the charge to take this much needed solution and turn it into a reality.  A Mom who strives for her children to live life as creatively as possible, Blythe saw the need for My Pipers and wanted to bring this product to life for all families.  In late 2016, Blythe left her invitation studio to devote all of her attention to the fashioning of My Pipers.  Blythe is in charge of Concept, Contract Manufacturing, Procurement, Sales, Marketing, Social Media, & more!
Eric Williams: CSF (Chief Super Facilitator)
Eric Williams is our Super Facilitator and Daddy of all trades. With endless patience, loyalty, and selfless devotion, he has helped My Pipers and this rollar coaster we call life be what it has become today.  He currently runs our IT team and supports all of us in every way possible, and has believed in all of us since day 1.