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Charities We Support

You Shop, We Give.

My Pipers' mission is simple: to help children be free to be themselves and to save the world.  We support Undies for Everyone, a non-profit based in Houston who believes that all children deserve access to clean underwear and provides school nurses with underwear for disadvantaged students as well as disaster relief areas.  Baby2Baby, a non-profit that supports and provides low-income children with clothing, diapers and basic necessities every child deserves, Panda International, and we look forward to adding to this list.  With each and every one of your purchases we give back.  By supporting us, you are also supporting other children around the world.  In the past two years, we have given over 1,000+ My Pipers to the children who need them most. While we are committed to adorable, high-quality, reinvented boxers shorts, we're about much more than that, just like you are.  Thank you for helping us pay it forward and do our part.