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My Pipers' Promise

Sustainability & Environmental Awareness
At My Pipers we're not just about cute boxer shorts. We're also about having a positive impact on people and the planet. "Our Promise" is to love our planet and be mindful of the impact we make on it, and its people.  The textile industry produces a huge amount of waste and we refuse to be part of the problem.  Throughout the design process we strive to reduce environmental impact, not create more.  My Pipers was created to help children and we are forever committed to ensuring safe and fair working conditions for all, throughout our supply chain; to being mindful of the environmental and social impacts and by choosing wisely to incorporate natural resources to not deplete or pollute our planet.
We work tirelessly to integrate sustainable and responsible practices in all that we do- at every step of the way, from concept to creation, and we believe that you as the consumer would prefer to purchase your clothing from a company that will leave a positive footprint in the world.  We do this not just because we're committed to it personally, but because we know that you, our customer, appreciate the values of fairness, environmental sustainability and giving back.  Just as much as you love cute kids' clothes. Who says style and substance can't go hand in hand?!


Organic Fabrics Only

There are cotton fabrics – and then there's ours.  Every My Pipers Boxer Short is 100% Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard certified, which means our kid's boxers are made in green facilities, using organic techniques, without harmful chemicals and with low impact to the environment.  They are made entirely from GOTS-(Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic fabrics, the world's most respected processing standard for organic materials resulting in a better choice for your skin and environment.  See our certificates here.  Sure, our boxers would cost a lot less if we didn't take social and environmental concerns into account, but we do, and the result is a lightweight, soft and tear-free product made to last years and bring smiles to children's faces.


Why Organic Fabric?:
Softer than conventional cotton
Reduced consumption of fresh water
Reduced energy demands
Reduced global warming potential
Reduced soil erosion
Saves the planet from herbicides and pesticides
Chemical-free fabric will not irritate tender, 
sensitive skin



Life Cycle of My Pipers

We are a slow fashion brand which means that our goods are designed and created with greater care and attention to the longevity of the product. Our best selling styles are intentionally seasonless to promote longer wear and less consumption. We pour our hearts into the details, the timeless color palettes we choose, and the hand drawn prints our children drew are all meant to transcend seasons and fleeting fashion trends.

It is our inherent commitment to quality and design that is the single most important thing we can do as a business to protect the environment. We strive to create apparel that will outlast its first, second, third (maybe even fourth) owner with elastic and sizes that are guaranteed to grow with your kids.  Because our clothing is so thoughtfully created and everlasting, we encourage customers to pass down pieces once their children outgrow them. Nothing brings us more joy than to see our boxers get handed down from sibling to sibling, to friend, to neighbor, to the next lucky child.  My Pipers aims for quality not quantity and these high standards make each piece made to last and kept out of landfills (85 percent of the textiles in the US are either burned or end up in landfills)!  Pass em' down!

Doing Our Part

As a business that ships goods, we require a lot of stuff to get our products into the hands of consumers and we want to do so by leaving a positive footprint on the world. To manage this impact, we have been adamant about reducing physical waste by mindfully shipping our products with minimal packaging.  We have requested all of our manufacturers send our complete orders in bulk without individually wrapping each piece in plastic bags as is the usual norm. Our consumer packaging boxes are plastic-free and made from paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Currently, sticker adhesive is not recyclable, but we are excited to keep exploring better options and we are proud of the companies making it easy for us to make the switch.  Our new poly mailers are 100% compostable made with cornstarch which break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic fertilizer. While sustainable packaging and company as a whole is something we are very proud of, there is still so much more to do for sustainability in fashion, and we can be a planet-first pioneer changing the clothing industry for the better.