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Shoes, socks, pants, shirts, shorts, UNDERWEAR!  Getting our daughter Piper dressed everyday was a NIGHTMARE.  Every piece of clothing was too itchy, too tight, too scratchy, too bumpy. . .  Tears and tantrums and parent torture each and every morning.  We had to find a solution to this daily struggle, so we set out on a long journey to figure her out. 

We solved a few challenges by buying larger clothing sizes, looser styles, boys basketball shorts, and shoes that don't require socks (thank you NATIVES and CROCS).  But, there literally was not 1 single pair of underwear that she could/would tolerate.  I bought every pair of underwear from every store I could find.  None worked.  Not briefs, not boy shorts, not a size too big, not a size too small, not bicycle shorts.  They had too many seams, were too tight, too rough, too itchy; everything was wrong. 

And then one day Piper had an idea. To. Wear. A. Dress.

Why!?!  When we told her that she had to wear something (anything) under the dress, she stomped upstairs and changed.  The next day Piper (4 1/2 years old) came down in a dress, AGAIN!  Once more we explained that she needed to wear something underneath.  In a huff, Piper grabbed a pair of her brother's boxer shorts and put them on under her dress. 

We all laughed...and then paused.  Hooray!  Problem solved! Now I just had to find some girl boxer shorts that fit better and were cute!  It couldn't be done. I was shocked to discover that these DO NOT EXIST!  I am still shocked.  Boy boxer shorts are too long and peek out under dresses and skirts, all have that super functional (but not for girls) front fly opening, and all were plaid!!!  So, that day, the world of My Pipers was born, and we decided to make "girl" boxer shorts ourselves.  Our daughter desperately needed them, and we were going to create them for her.  We started talking to other families and found out that other girls were having similar issues.  Finally, boxer shorts for everyone; not just to boys, not just to girls, but to ALL children!

My Pipers are perfect for doing what little people do best...PLAY! They are awesome under dresses and skirts at school (especially school uniform ones), and your Karate uniform and soccer shorts!  They perfect over bathing suits, leotards and tights. They are the best pajamas, they are for lounging, for the park, for the beach. . . you name it!

My Pipers color choices, fabrics, and the fun graphics printed on them are 100% hand drawn, designed, and chosen by children for YOUR children!

My Pipers.....boxer shorts for underwear, overwear, sleepwear, playwear, loungewear, beachwear, EVERYWEAR!!! 


To help children express themselves freely and to simplify dressing struggles for parents. To allow children to wear what they want to wear, and to be free to be who they want to be, regardless of societal conforms, gender restrictions, or anything else.  My Pipers is a world where equality, sensitivity, and individuality matter.  

  • WE GIVE BACK! My Pipers is a proud partner of Baby2Baby, a non-profit that supports and provides low-income children ages 0-12 years with clothing, diapers and all the basic necessities every child deserves.  This year alone, Baby2Baby will serve more than 180,000 children in Los Angeles and hundreds of thousands more in over 20 cities across the country through the Baby2Baby National Network. To date, the organization has distributed over 39 million items including more than 22 million diapers.
  • We also have given back to the charity Undies for Everyone who provides kids in need with new underwear to keep them clean, confident, and in class.  People don't realize that some children do not have clean underwear.  At all.  Undies for everyone supplies school nurses underwear for children in need.  We love them!