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Underwear for Everyone!

A little over two years ago, underwear was not for everyone.  Well, boxer shorts weren’t for everyone. They were only for boys.  It was a boys only club, but My Pipers changed all that. My Pipers reinvented boxer shorts for girls, tailored to girls, so that girls can be let in on the fun, be given more choices, and so that they would never again have to suffer wearing a front open fly.  However, along this journey, boys joined in. We had boys wearing and loving My Pipers, our best friends were buying them for their boys who no longer wore anything else, even grown men applauded me on the expulsion of the front fly. My Pipers are for everyone, boys and girls, and that opened up another door for us.  A door of giving back, an opportunity to provide underwear for everyone.

The story of My Pipers begins with a little girl named Piper who has many sensitivities, mostly with clothing.  She would not and could not wear any style of underwear. Believe me, we tried them all. Then one day she threw on her brother’s boxer shorts under her dress and we all laughed.  But, then we all paused. The boxer shorts worked! They were too long and too plaid, but so what, they worked and it was our first morning in years without tears. Off to school we went and off to buy boxer short for girls I went.  I couldn’t find any. They don’t exist and we were mad, so, we created them ourselves. Our kids boxer shorts for girls are organic cotton, shorter in length, have zero open fly, and all our designs are hand-drawn by kids! The reason I am telling you our story is because this is a story of struggle in figuring out how to help our daughter.  We want to continue to help all kids and we were stunned to find out how many children do not have access to clean underwear. Underwear! Underwear is one of the most under-donated and most needed item of clothing. A basic necessity that we all (yes, even you) take for granted. If you had to choose between putting a meal on the table or buying new underwear, which would you choose?  I never take underwear for granted. My Pipers saved us from daily morning tears, fears, anxiety and has provided us with morning dressing solutions and ease of the morning routine.  

Now we can help provide underwear for everyone through the amazing non-profit Undies for Everyone (UFE). Via the generous Rabbi Paul Kipnes and the Caring Community Foundation at my congregation, Temple Or Ami in Southern California, we are proud to announce our donation of 300 pairs of new My Pipers to UFE!

You can also buy more My Pipers!  For every My Piper purchased, one My Piper will be gifted to a child in need.  Thank you for helping the world become a better place, one clean pair of underwear at a time.


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