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My Pipers: Sensitive stories about Sensory Processing Disorder & More!

Kid Entrepreneurs as featured in Shopify's Blog Homework!

Kid Entrepreneurs as featured in Shopify's Blog Homework!

Piper Williams didn’t like traditional girls’ underwear. She did like wearing her brother’s boxer shorts, but the fit wasn’t quite right. That’s when the four-and-a-half-year-old had an idea: boxer shorts for girls. With the help of her brother, mom, and dad, Piper’s idea bloomed into My Pipers, a business that keeps the whole family busy. Three years later, Piper and her brother, Tobin, leave a lot of the day-to-day up to Mom—they are, after all, in school—but they’re still in charge of design. 

While the family is growing their boxer shorts business, Piper and Tobin also have busy lives reading books, making art, and tumbling on a gymnastics mat (in functional boxers, of course). Here, these two kid founders weigh in on everything from middle school to Simone Biles.


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